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Medical waste - transport and disposal

A brand is a set of functional, emotional features and unique values aimed at the market environment, which are hidden under the company's characteristic sign and name. The EMKA brand is a quarter of a century of market experience in the field of transport and disposal of medical waste, which is hidden under the sign of a vertical lowercase "m" in red. The letter "m" presented in this way resembles the outline of the country where it was born - Poland. The red color also refers to the national colors. EMKA is a company with a completely Polish origin, trying to embody what is best in Poland: innovation, diligence, dynamism, development and modernity.
EMKA S. A. offers transport and disposal of medical waste from any type of medical activity. The disposal of this type of hazardous waste requires appropriate procedures in accordance with legal requirements. Our company guarantees that neutralization is carried out based on the existing standards.

odpady medyczne


EMKA is a company that deals with the disposal of medical and veterinary waste , including infectious waste, hazardous waste and residual waste. EMKA is a company made up of people who work with passion and dedication. The team of employees consists of over 100 people who treat their own company not only as a workplace, but as a place to implement their own ambitions, plans and ideas. The company is also a center for animating social and family life and a serious and active participant in the life of the local community.



EMKA is a company that offers its clients an optimal variant of cooperation. Many years of cooperation have resulted in the preparation of a package of services in the field of collection and disposal of medical and veterinary waste , which not only meet the expectations of recipients, but also take into account Polish economic realities and specific local conditions. The openness to market signals, which is the basis of the company's success, influences the constant evolution and optimization of the company's offer.

emka odpady medyczne


EMKA is a company with a quarter of a century of business experience shared by the same team of employees. The company, along with its growth, increases its staff, while still maintaining employees in its ranks who have developed and improved every functional element of the company over a number of years. The result is a leading position among the leaders on the Polish market and an expert position in the industry and among customers.

emka utylizacja


EMKA is a company for which there are no less significant customers. At every moment of its development, the company tried to construct its offer for neutralizing hospital, medical and veterinary waste so as to be able to meet the expectations of all customers, regardless of their size, specialization or location. The result of this strategy is several thousand loyal customers in all corners of Poland. EMKA it is also a serious partner for several hundred hospitals that appreciate the quality of mutual cooperation.


  • A dynamic team of professionals, always one step ahead of the competition
  • Flexible, individually selected variants of cooperation
  • Legal security in the field of waste management and environmental protection
  • Specialist transport in accordance with ADR - properly marked and equipped cars, drivers with ADR licenses
  • E-mail and SMS notifications one day before collection and confirmation of waste collection
  • Monthly pick-up schedules sent by e-mail and SMS - you can plan your activities in advance
  • Continuous monitoring of the quality of service in the form of questionnaires sent after each collection
  • Full, automatic service in recording and reporting the amount of generated waste in BDO
  • Free integration with BDO account - we issue electronic Waste Transfer Cards on your behalf
  • Help Panel where you can report all cases and changes regarding your service
  • Customer Panel, where you will find all Waste Transfer Cards, invoices and your account balance
  • Individual bank account for settlements and invoices sent by e-mail (e-invoice)
  • Sale of items needed in medical facilities, incl. gloves, containers and waste bags
  • Wide territorial range, we operate almost all over Poland
  • Complementary services, incl. entrance wipers service
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